Foals, yearlings, stores for sale

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جواد صغير العمر
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من الجياد يطابقون المعايير التي تم اختيارها، ويمكنك تنقيح بحثك باستخدام المقترحات التالية 4.
SAPHO صورة الجواد SAPHO سباق الأراضي المسطحة/سباقات الموانع فرنسا (61 - Orne)
مهرة جواد عمر سنة
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Just Great صورة الجواد Just Great تم البيع 10 000 € سباقات الموانع فرنسا
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Buy a yearling, Buy a foal

Find the potential champions of tomorrow. Find all our young horses (foals, yearlings and stores) available for sale.
Benefit from all our expertise to help you choose the young horse that meets your expectations.

What is a foal, a yearling ?

A foal is a colt or filly born in the year. A foal is called “yearling” from 1 January after its birth to 1 January of the following year. The purchase of a yearling is the most common because its physics allows to imagine the future racehorse that it will be.
A store is a 2 or 3 year old horse that is in the process of breaking, breaking and/or hurdles. Stores are jumping prospects who have not been trained to race yet.

How to choose a yearling, a foal ?

Naturally, the physical evaluation of the foal or yearling is important in the valuation of horses. Visually, buyers focus their attention on the foal or yearling’s limbs conformation, the way in which its musculature, its skeleton, the length of its back, the width of its chest, its head, its feet, etc. Then the way in which it moves affects the price of the horse, especially for yearlings not broken in , since walk is the only pace that can be shown to a buyer.

What is the return on investment on a yearling, a foal ?

Buy to resell. There is a market for young horses that you buy foal and resell yearling or 2 years, it is the "pinhooking". This represents a short-term investment whose expected return is all the more risky. You have the opportunity to realize capital gains on profiles whose pedigree is enriched by victories at the blacktype level and if the horse evolves well physically.  Whether you buy a foal or a yearling, your investment will probably be less expensive than buying a horse in training.
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