Purchase and sale of stallion shares
Sell or Buy a Share in a Stallion


Consult the terms of service carefully before publishing your first ad

1- You communicate directly to other stallion unit holders your wishes to buy or sell, and view live the best current offers.

2- You can easily post your offers to buy or sell stallion shares in a few clicks directly on the Internet from any computer, tablet or cell phone, at any time of the day or night.

3- IWW takes care of all the administrative management for you (preemption management, invoicing, collection, insurance of your stallion share...).

4- You have a free dedicated online account to follow the evolution of your orders to buy and sell stallion shares and to archive your invoices as well as your entire history. This space also allows you to propose the sale of a mating to breeders, members of IWW.

1- The service of diffusion of your orders to buy and sell shares is entirely free of charge, whatever the number of orders diffused.

2- Once the amount of the sale of the stallion share has been cashed, the seller must pay the transaction fees.

IWW charges the seller a commission of 5% HT (of the amount excluding tax of the collected sums) for the sale of a stallion share. This commission is subject to VAT and is deducted from the collected amounts that IWW pays back to the seller. This commission may not be less than 100€ excl. tax (120€ incl. VAT).

An annual management fee may be charged to the unit holder by the stallion dealer in charge of the stallion. Do not hesitate to contact us for information on a specific stallion.

1- Select the stallion you are interested in, and consult the best current buy and sell offers for a share of this stallion. Enter your buy or sell order by indicating a validity date after which your order will no longer be valid. Once you have entered your offer, you will receive a summary by e-mail. Your orders can be viewed and modified at any time from your IWW account.

2- Once validated by our services, your buy or sell order will be registered and will be displayed in the stallion's order book if it is one of the best current offers.

3- As soon as a member accepts online your order to buy or sell from the chosen stallion, you will be informed immediately by e-mail.

4- You do not have any administrative task to do, IWW invoices the buyer on behalf of the seller, takes care of the possible pre-emption operations, and collects the payment of the buyer that it transfers to the seller.

5- IWW transfers the sums collected on behalf of the salesman of the share after the payment of the purchaser by having deducted the commission which is due to him.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help via our contact form.

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