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Buy a racehorse from all of our training horse offerings.
Find all the information you need to acquire a horse in training: pedigree, performances, photos, videos and veterinary certificate.

I Want to buy a racehorse with IWW : How to Choose ?

Several criteria are taken into account in choosing and purchasing a horse in training. The career and pedigree of the parents are very good first clues about the potential and level of the horse, its ability on the distances and ground conditions. If the horse has already raced, its results allow you to get a very precise idea of the level of performance of the horse and its current abilities in race.
Naturally, the physical evaluation of the horse is for many in the valorization of horses. Visually, buyers focus their attention on the horse’s upright position, the way in which its musculature, its skeleton, the length of its back, the width of its chest, its head, its feet, etc. Then the way in which it moves affects the price of the horse,
Regarding horses in training,people who want to buy a racehorse have access to even more information since they see the horse working. We can then study how to gallop, how to breathe, the nature of his character and imagine his abilities. provides you with as much information as possible, such as datas from France Galop information as well as replays of past races via Equidia, we also allow vendors to promote their horses with the latest data monitoring of their work through publication of reports from Arioneo.

What is the return on investment ?

Buying a horse in training is the most common investment in the industry
To buy a racehorse is also a gesture of support to French breeding, which needs investors to maintain its rank and maintain its worldwide reputation of excellence.
Good to know: it is a diversification of the heritage and the earnings of the races are exempt from taxes.                   
Owning a flat horse or an obstacle is the assurance of vibrating intensely during the duration of a race, seeing its colors pass the winning post.
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