Selection Process

a very demanding selection process


On this site, you will only find horses for the quality of their competitive potential through a protocol developed and carried out by the Club Elevage teams.


Identified among the entire population of products born in a generation based on a theoretical analysis of their genetic potential, they all have been meticulously inspected at their breeder’s by our experts. Stance, model, tissue quality, conformation, ease of movement, gaits… everything is examined with precision to decide if the horse has the aptitudes to move on the next stage.


The second stage of selection to be passed consists of a genomic test, which verifies from the horse’s DNA, obtained from a blood sample, 34 genetic markers known for their effects on the horse’s performances and gaits.


If the genomic test proves conclusive, the horses then undergo a thorough veterinary examination, strictly adhering to the specific protocol designed by Dr. Betsch. At this stage, unfortunately, many contenders are eliminated as soon as they present the slightest anomaly that could prevent them from developing their genetic potential.


The perfect horse does not exist, and many champions on the tracks would probably not have passed the selection trials organized by Club Elevage.

At I Want The Winner, we take pride in putting you on an equal footing with the biggest horse owners, who have a network and a whole technical team to select their investments.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

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