Rating and Assessment



Club Elevage has developed an algorithm to evaluate the genetic quality of a product, and thus preselecting only those with high potential.


In concrete terms, each foal or filly of a generation is given a rating ranging from 1 to 16.

For example, among the 8 847 births in 2023 (the year of “N”), only one product was awarded a score of 16.

Only products that have obtained a minimum score fo 12 can apply to be put up for sale on I Want The Winner.

However they still have to be for sale and successfully pass the 3 selection stages left that await them....


The team in charge of the pre-selecting products

If the breeder is selling all or part of their product, an inspection visit is systematically organized. 


. It consists of a meticulous examination of the horse’s characteristics that allow for the identification at this age of remarkable subjects :

  • Their conformation, their build and their stances.
  • Their way of moving, at walk, at a trot, freely in their paddock.
  • The quality of its tissues, the expression of its head, its general behavior….
  • The conditions in which it was raised (feeding, breeding management, quality of the land…)

The perfect horse does not exist, but our teams especially ensure at this stage that the young product has the physical and mental qualities that will allow to become a competitor.

A part of intuition also comes into play. And it is necessary that the foal or filly “gives off” something at the time of this inspection.

This stage is often cruel for the breeder, as a majority of products will not pass this stage.

This does not mean that they will not be able to achieve success in their racing careers, or that an investor will not be interested in purchasing them. But simply that our teams would not have taken the risk of buying this product for themselves.

Once the evaluation of the horse’s value is completed and accepted by the breeder, the two most difficult steps still remain to be crossed…


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