How it works ?

This Platform allows you to sell and buy flat and national hunt racehorses and negotiate the prices.

    1. You can go through the catalogue without login in.
    2. If you want to sell or buy a racehorse, you create an account with your contact details, you select the appealing lots and propose horses for sale,
    3. The team IWW select the sales offers, quality conformation pictures and videos as well as a veterinary certificate of sale are required.
    4. If the price is negotiable, you can make an offer which will be send directly to the seller who will be in a position to accept or decline the offer; you can inspect the horse and send a vet for a vet visit.
    5. If a deal is found, a promise of purchase is edited and signed online, bills are edited by the platform. The payment by bank transfer to IWW will allow the horse to be transported towards the buyer. Bills are available in your personal account.
    6. For the horses care and payment warranty, the horse is not transported until total amount of the purchase is paid to IWW.
    7. Additional services are proposed by the team regarding the transport and insurance if demanded.

We stay at your disposal for any assistance.

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